Dun Roving Farm got its name from my dad. In 1948, he purchased the farm I grew up on. Since he was done moving, he always called it his Done Roving farm. Well, being a fiber person, I always thought it would be a great fiber farm name. So I changed the Done to Dun (the color brown) and changed the meaning of Roving (to roam) to Roving — what you spin. I think he would approve.

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Dun Roving Farm…

is owned and operated by Darlene Lander. The farm sits on 40 acres of gently rolling wooded hills in southwestern New York State.

85 miles southwest of Buffalo, N.Y. and 50 miles east of Erie, Pa., the farm is located a short drive from Route 62 in Frewsburg, N.Y.

Dun Roving Farm

454 Dodge Road

Frewsburg, NY 14738

(716) 569-2198

for info, email me at info@dunrovingfarm.com